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How does a Hackathon influence careers??

Yes you heard it right. Just because of a single hackathon, Lives change for the good. Whatever branch you are of, forget about it, whatever degree you are doing (as long as the degree is associated with science), it is going to definitely boost and develop a very good sense of how to solve certain problems in real life situation. Prior to this if you don’t have knowledge of what is a hackathon, worry not! Just take part in it without hesitating.
Every hackathon helps you get newer confidence not only in the field of technology/science, but also in self-belief and problem solving capabilities It also helps you with making you know the latest trends and inventions in the industry level. Your coding skills aren’t the only skills which will be judged here as this is by convention the idea of the most of under-grad students, instead along with programming skills, your problem solving capabilities, presentation skills, critical thinking ability, team spirit and leadership qualities are some of the other abilities that are tested. So if you find yourself to be able to tackle, produce and work on the topics discussed above, HACKATHON is the word you have to focus on!
Also, this kind of exposure in hackathons lets you develop newer contacts which in turn will allow you meet newer people in the circle of technology. At one time you yourself will feel that, the kind of exposure you are in, at that particular time is an experience that probably you wouldn’t have ever experienced before nor will you have ever expected to come across of.

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