Take a look at our clubs interesting projects

The Intercessor

This is smart warehouse management system using Machine Learning, It uses Machine Learning model to predict the upcoming sales and to prevent food wastage, It is backed by an interactive chatbot and IVR system.

A project by team UMEED(Saswat Pandey, Kunal Shekkhar, Shraddha Sahay, Pratik Kumar Mishra)

Drowsiness Detection

A Project to determine a person is drowsy or not using OpenCV, Dlib and Python this project can be used by truck drivers, to prevent road accidents.

A project by Pratik Kumar Mishra

Mask Detector

A Project to detect whether the person is wearing masks or not, it uses Computer Vison to detect the face mask or face cover

A project by Pratik Kumar Mishra

The Invisible Man

This is an interesting project which uses computer vision, color segmentation to make you invisible like Harry Potter's Invisible Cloak.It was fun doing this simple project.

A project by Pratik Kumar Mishra


Here is our own JARVIS, his name is CURIN. It is capable of doing various task according to your needs. You can teach him many more stuff according to your requirement. We have added a fun feature where you can call his sister. Her name is DELILAH. They both are capable of performing all the task

A project by Deep Sresthi

Social Distancing detector

In this Pandemic millions of people are affected and it's still spreading, The only way to stop the spread is by following social distancing, so here is a project which uses Deep Learning and Computer Vision to detect people in the video footage whether they are following social distancing or not.

A project by Pratik Kumar Mishra