Problem Solving

Develop Problem solving skills and build some great projects for the society.


Seasons of Code foster innovation, make your ideas into reality with this event.


Hands on workshop on current technology and tools which will make you industry ready.


Win exciting prizes in hackathons, get recognized and get a chance for internships with partner companies.

What is seasons of code?

Seasons of Code is a programme launched by the Cybernauts Club, CMRIT Bengaluru. We beleive that anyone can change how society things, what is the requirement of the society, and how determined you are to solve problems realted in society, Seasons of code provide you a platform where you can make your ideas into reality. We provide a platform where you can enhance your problem solving skills. because we beleive in you, you can change the society. so come and be a part of this wonderful journey.

Hands on workshops

Awards and recognition



Fun and exciting events

Our Objectives

A place where no two activities are same just like the variety of seasons. Each season hackathon has new colors and ideas that can change the society for better. Just the way each season has its own characteristics that benefit the nature, be it fall or blossoms, each has a unique experience. We too promise to help our coders grow for the ever-developing industry requirements by providing them a learning platform to learn and explore along with implementation of ideas and provide them a change in the regular. To keep the spirits of the season going, we plan quite a few activities ranging over various fields from technical to non-technical. Our main goal is to give the Gen-Z, a chance to cherish and make their efforts count while leaving a social impact through their lines of code.

Why should you participate?

Seasons of code is an event that takes place every season i.e. in summer, winter, monsoon and spring. . Whatever branch you are of, forget about it, whatever degree you are doing (as long as the degree is associated with science), it is going to definitely boost and develop a very good sense of how to solve certain problems in real life situation. Prior to this if you don’t have knowledge of what is a coding, worry not! Just take part in it without hesitating.

Some of the greatest of advantages by taking part in this event would include technical exposure, build contacts in the technical circle which in turn would help you in many ways. Also, if you are worried about how and what will be the things which you will have to do, worry not! Because our team have already listed out some of the major projects which you can choose and start working on it. There will also be problem statements provided to you for which you will have to provide solutions. This will have a very positive effect on your problem solving capabilities.

At one time you yourself will feel that, the kind of exposure you are in, at this particular time is an experience that probably you wouldn’t have ever experienced before nor will you have ever expected to come across of.

This is a definitely an opportunity that you can’t miss as it is totally conducted and handled by some of the faculty and students of our college who are highly versed in this field of technology for very long periods. Under the guidance of these professional people you are going to be the part of this fantastic upcoming event. Please stay tuned for the updates.

22 Aug 2020

Rainy Season of Code

Excited to bring about a change in the society so that you don't regret not having remote control? What if we give you the power to code for change? Because you know change starts from within. Click the below link to know about more.