What do we do?

We at cybernauts aim at developing your coding skills and establishing a coding culture on campus. We will be coming up with a lot of interesting activities throughout the year which will not only help you learn but will also test your skills.
We will be inviting various renowned industry experts and professionals to mentor students.
We at cybernauts will also guide and encourage students to take part in various on and off campus hackathons and coding competitions.
Students can work together on various projects, gain hands on experience and enhance their skills in various emerging fields.
Come join us in this great quest of knowledge, creativity, inspiration, and innovation.

Our Vision

To prepare our students for the IT industry
with a first hand experience of the futuristic trends in data science, Machine Learning,
Artificial intelligence and Cybersecurity and its immense potential applications
so as to nurture a bunch of skillful students
who benefit from the constant mutual learning atmosphere and emerge as pioneers in this field.

Our Goals

Build a foundation of fundamental aspects of ML and deep learning among students Apply the techniques of ML to solve real world problems. Foster a research culture Organize hackathons at the college level to give students an experience of national and international contests. Organize seminars in collaboration with industry professionals to refresh our knowledge of the rapid changes in industry. Offer students at CMRIT the opportunity to explore job areas in this highly sought-after field. Cyber Security will also be a priority.We will organizing various events and talks regarding cyber security

Meet Our Founders

Our team believes in unity in diversity. We have a melody of talents on board , ranging from advanced data scientists to creative content writers. Our vast spectrum ensures delivery of fresh and creative learning and working experiences for our members. While providing on hands industry experience in projects , we believe in creating strong Cybernauts for a better tomorrow. We enhance the spirit of team work and dedication so that our Cybernauts can explore the wild land of IT.

Saswat Pandey

The Cybernauts Club

Pratik Kumar Mishra

The Cybernauts Club

Shraddha Sahay

The Cybernauts Club

Kunal Shekkhar

The Cybernauts Club